5 Ways Your Agent Markets Your Home

Your agent’s goal (and job!) is to sell your home for the best possible price. Here are 5 strategies they may (and should) use.


Most buyers start their home search online, and what do you think draws their attention first? Photos, of course!

Attractive, well-lit photos are key to a home listing that will interest buyers. Your agent may hire a professional photographer or take photos. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure your agent lists your home with photos that show off your home’s best attributes.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the website that provides information to other real estate search engines like Zillow and Redfin, allows up to 42 photos to be posted. Take advantage of this, and post as many photos of your home as you can.


A video is the next-best thing to an actual visit to your home. It helps a buyer understand the layout of your home and what it’s like to be there before they even visit. Many buyers rely on videos to decide whether or not they want to visit a home, so make sure your agent creates one. There are lots of local video companies that can help.

Floor plan

A floor plan is a drawing that shows the layout and dimensions of your home. A buyer can use a floor plan to understand the size of your home’s kitchen or bedrooms, for example, and determine if and how their furniture can fit into the rooms of your home. Your agent can hire someone to create a floor plan to add to your online listing.


Your agent may create a dedicated website for your home that displays your home’s photos, videos, floor plan, and future open houses. The website may also include other information that is valuable to buyers, such as the school district and commuting details.

A dedicated website is a great way to advertise a home, but only if it looks professional. Make sure your website will entice buyers to visit your home.

Open Houses

At an open house, your agent will invite buyers to visit and explore your home. Open houses are scheduled in advance at a time that works for you, so you won’t have to change your routine to work around an appointment made by a buyer.

Open houses are a great way to get many serious buyers to view your home at one time. This way, when they come back for a second visit, they’ll be prepared to make a serious offer!

Printed Materials

Printed one-pagers and takeaways give buyers an opportunity to see your home’s best features all in one place. Your agent should create these at-a-glance guides and provide them to buyers at open houses and viewings.

Sign in Yard

Nothing states that a home is for sale like a For Sale sign in the yard! Signage can attract local buyers and encourage them to look up your home online or attend an open house.

There are lots of other ways your agent can market your home in addition to these, such as 3D tours, QR codes, staging, and social media marketing. Work with your agent to make sure that your home is being marketed well. Remember, your agent works for you and you both have the same goal: to sell your home at a price that makes you happy!